Monday, June 11, 2012

feeling hot hot hot

It's 10:45am as I'm writing this.
It is also 88 degrees outside.
"oh, that's not so bad" you say?
The heat index is currently 102.
I say 'that is unacceptable'.

So today, I'm going to sit in the nice cool air of my nice cool home a/c and let ya'll in on what went down in my little slice of the world this weekend.

Here we go...
*We celebrated this wonderful man's day of birth

*Watched our Razorbacks lose a big game... But they won yesterday so there's still hope we'll make it to Omaha! Come on Oma-hogs!
best seats in the house!

*Watched Oscar run the castle and show Cash who's boss

*And overall, just had a good weekend out in the country!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! 
Stay cool!



Courtney*Cakes said...

Your almost as warm as Phoenix... :)

Amy G. said...

Looks like fun! I agree, it's seriously too hot already. It's only going to get worse! Loving your pink shorts though!!!

Rachel said...

Way to hot! Stay cool! Sounds like your weekend was great.

Sam @ said...

That place looks so fun!! I am loving your bright pink shorts :)