Thursday, June 28, 2012

keeping it real

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It's okay... have an unhealthy excitement about seeing this movie tomorrow
Sorry I am NOT sorry.
For my 21st Birthday in Vegas, my friends and I went to see "The Thunder From Down Under"... they definitely did NOT look like Channing, let me tell ya.

It's okay... have every intention of cleaning the house, get out all of the supplies, then look around and think 'eh, it can wait'. 

It's okay... wish it was about 20 degrees cooler outside so you could actually go do something without melting like Frosty.

It's okay... only leave the house to go to the gym for the past 5 days.
(actually, no, that's not okay)

It's okay... want to go to the beach so bad that you're thinking about just getting in the car and going.

It's okay... miss your best friend(s) and wish they lived in the same city as you.

It's okay... end this post because I don't really know what else to say :)



Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

i can't wait to see that either!!

The Pink Growl said...

Oh Magic Mike!!! I second that!!