Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I just don't understand...

One of the reasons I love John is because I know that he has way more book smarts than I do.
(see, I even say things like 'book smarts')
However, I like to believe that I have more common sense... therefore when it comes down to it, I would probably survive longer than him in the real world.
Don't question it, it's science.

With that being said, there are still some things that I just don't get and leave me scratching my head in everyday life.  Sometimes I think it's because I have too much time right now to sit around and think about things, but then I think about how really there is no such thing as too much time because in the big picture we are all here for such a short amount of time.
Follow me?

So here are some things that I think about and just don't quite understand....

*Why has no one invented a sarcasm font? 
*Why do I check my phone for the time, then immediately check it again because I wasn't paying attention the first time?
*How in the WORLD do you fold a fitted sheet? 
*How is time a constant thing but has the ability to move faster or slower depending on what we're doing?
*Why did I spend 3 years of my life trying to learn cursive?
*Why did the Devil himself invent Chocolate?
*Also, why did he invent Salt and Vinegar chips? 
*Why do certain words, even when spelled correctly, look like their spelled wrong- making me stare at them for a long time, then eventually google them to make sure it's spelled right.
*Speaking of words: Who in the world decided that the English language needed things like you're and your, their, there, and they're, to, too, and two and so on? Communists?

Okay, that's probably good for now... I sadly could keep going, but I'll let you ponder these things with me.

Happy Tuesday, loves!



Southern Sass said...

Haha I feel like I wrote this myself, I wonder the same things!

Holly said...

Hahahaha, I love this post so much because I couldn't agree more!!! Especially the phone thing, and the fitted sheet. Damn sheets.

bailey j said...

Hahah I like your style! I totally check my phone for the time and I have to recheck like.. 5 seconds later cause I realize I didn't even look.

A word that I think is spelled incorrectly is "Wiener". In fact, I spell it my way "weiner" even though I know it's not exactly correct because I hate the way it is actually spelt. I just found out this year that I was spelling it wrong! The funny thing is that I am such a word person, love to spell, I write, I like punctuation and proper grammar. I guess this is just a special case.

Embarrassing after thought :why do I say wiener enough to figure this all out?