Friday, June 15, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Dear HISD, you are driving me to kill, or cry, yeah...mostly cry. You sent me an email yesterday saying basically 'thanks but no thanks' which depressed me and caused me NOT to drink when we went to the turtle races last night.  Do you know how sad you have to be to not drink?! Anyway, this morning you send me another email telling me to register for the next step in the hiring process.  
Stop being bi-poler, HISD. 
You are confusing and I'm just too young for the emotional damage you're causing.

Dear Texas A&M, I realize that I'm pretty much in aggie land living in Houston, but please, get over yourselves.  Last night at SEC Happy hour you showed up in your jerseys and t-shirts like this was a preseason pep-rally. Other than the fact that the most obnoxious of all of you was 46 years old, the disgusted faces and the booing from EVERYONE that wasn't an aggie made me embarrassed for you.
 Your chants and 'gig 'ems makes me want to vom. 
You are in no way yet a part of the SEC.
Take a snap, have a winning season, and then we'll talk.
(btw I have friends that are aggies and I say the same things to their face)

Dear Anyone I just offended, I'm being sarcastic...kind of. But seriously your chants are less than pleasing and that's coming from a person who yells "WOOOOOO PIG SOOIE" at any available opportunity.
Please leave a comment below about how I'm wrong, I'd love to hear it.
Also, I'll be in College Station for the Arkansas game, find me and beat me up.

Dear John, I see you boo thang ;)

Dear Raising Canes that just opened a block from my house, Listen temptress, your delicious fried chicken and special dipping sauce can't and won't overpower me. 
I'm on to your game.

Dear Sarah (aka me), Last night your friends had a conversation about how you 'looked like you would definitely win in a fight.' Probably reevaluate your life. 

Dear Momma and Papa bear, I just can't get enough of you so I'll be seeing you Monday for a couple of days! I can't wait for our birthday date! 

Dear Birthday, I have 7 days to be okay with the fact that you're coming and inducing my 'quarter-life crisis'.  Oh 25, just go away!

Dear Readers, If you're still reading after this very weird and out of character post (sorry a&m) I lurve you and am so glad you're here!! 





Robin said...

Hahah you're sassy and it's awesome. I hope HISD gets their act together for you! Have a great weekend :)

Michelle said...

Getting in early for a happy birthday! Your honesty is refreshing, if you cant be sarcastic and crazy on your own blog when can you be?! Enjoy your weekend :)

The Pink Growl said...

I second your Texas A&M comment. I'm an SEC girl ALL THE WAY and I'm having a hard time with them coming in.

Laura Darling said...

A turtle race?!

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