Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This week over the past couple of years...

It's my birfday week!!!

Am I excited?
Can I do anything about it?
Will I party like it's 1999?
You bet.

I've been SO blessed to have some amaaaazing birthday celebrations over the past couple of years.
Like, amazing.
And because, I'm not doing anything other than crying (kidding. kind of.) for my birthday this year, lets take a little trip down memory lane and visit some happier birthday times.

Let's start with 21:VIVA LAS VEGAS

Celebrating 21 in Las Vegas was probably the highlight of my life.
Best. Birthday. EVER.

Because I've never been one to enjoy growing older, I celebrated my 2nd annual 21st birthday at college in Fayetteville.

This birthday produced some of the funniest pictures of my life.  
Aaand because I sing, the boyfriend had a microphone bday cake made for me.
Such a sweetie.

23: L.A.
I can't believe I got to spend my 3rd annual 21st in LA and Beverly Hills.
So fun!

24: Vegas
because you just can't do Vegas once.

Hmmm... Saturday is the big day.
What will my 5th annual 21st entail?! 
The Good Lord (and possibly John) are the only ones who know.

What was your favorite bday?
Oh, and is it sad that I can't really remember what I did for my birthday before I turned 21? I'm going to assume actually turning 21 has something to do with that.....



Jess said...

Have a great birthday! Last year on my 25th I had a quater life crisis. Hope you have a great day!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

yay for birthday celebrations! I love your idea of partying to your annual 21st birthday! you are too cute! I hope you have a blast no matter what you end up doing, remember we only get better with age!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday week girlfriend. Can't wait to see what you get into.

Lauren said...

love this! You have had some amazing birthdays to live up to! Awesome times!

Happy Birthday!!! (early)

Holly said...

Love it!! Hope you had a great day :-D