Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Pinning"-Charlie Sheen

Do you think if Charlie Sheen had a pinterest account he'd say "Pinning" every time he pinned something?
I do.
Here's some things I'm winning at pinning this week!
Link up with Michelle to play along!

NEED this hair... so summery so cute!

I'll take this body, and the swimsuit can come too.

Truth.  Memories over Money any day!

I could sleep forever in this bedroom!

This is just perfect. 
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


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PS.  This too gorgeous couple is engaged 
As my mother said this morning, "She snatched up that cutie."

Amen momma, amen.



Lauren said...

can i wear that bathing suit at that pool please?!

Kodi said...

Omg... I do that with my clothes in the dryer every single time I wash clothes. If I could, I think I'd just leave them in the dryer all the time.

And I see that bathing suit all over Pinterest, but I can never find where to buy it:( Too bad you can't buy the body to go with it!

Found you through the link up, and now your newest follower!
Have a great Wednesday:)

Amber said...

LOOOOVE that bathing suit (and her bod) and completely swooning over that bedroom

Beverly said...

oh my goodness!! that blondie's hair is amazing!! perfect waves and drop dead gorg coloring!!!

and the fringed bathing suit top is so cuteeeeee...

AND the ruffled bed comforter... WOW!! I want it NOW!

Found you from the link up today ;)


Amy G. said...

Loving pretty much...all...of your pins! The dryer thing is too true and I'm not going to lie, I could use that hair, body and swim suit this summer! As for Miley and excited for them. They're too gorgeous!

The Pink Growl said...

Hi friend! I'm coming over from the link up! If you get that pool please invite me over! And I want those summer waves!! Miley is one lucky girl - you're mama was right!

Jenna said...

I love that fringe suit! So cute! and that bedroom?? I would never get out of bed.

New follower! Check out my blog and follow back if you would like :)

xoxo, Jenna