Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Waiting game!

Yesterday was the big interview day!
I hate afternoon interviews.
Not only do I sit around and over think EVERYTHING all day long; I also bite off every nub fingernail I can get in my mouth.
Nerves I tell ya, they're tricky.

So around 2:30 I headed up the street to the interview.  I parked, walked inside only to be greeted with about 50-100 people.
This, my friends, is where panic began to set in.

Am I going to have to 'teach' ALL of these people? 
No. Please, no.

Luckily, after everyone checked in, we were escorted into a banquet size room and separated into tables of about 15. Those 15 were considered your 'class' and you had to treat them like 'students'.  

I don't know about ya'll, but talking to a bunch of 45 year olds like their 12 made me feel a little rude and weird.
Oh well, it's all about the act I guess.

So I present my lesson plan, 5 minuets flys by way too fast- FYI.

The 'judge' said "okay thank you!" and that was the extent of the feedback we received.

Um, okay?
All of this worry and nervousness for NOTHING?!!

But ya'll, the waiting game isn't over.... I should hear something TODAY about whether or not I can move on to the next phase of interviews!


Check out my weekend  recap tomorrow, it involves a whole lot of couch laying and baseball... 
perfect, right?



Kaity said...

That sounds incredibly nerve-wracking and intimidating! Good luck lady!

Holly said...

Sounds way too intense for me, but I'm sure you did fabulous!