Thursday, June 21, 2012

aaand, I'm still talkin 'bout my birthday

I was trying to think of something cute or clever to write about today, but the truth is I've got one thing on my mind...and it's my birthday.

So keeping with the theme of this week, lets talk about how I've celebrated my birthday so far!

Monday John had to go out to the field for work so Cash and I packed up and headed back to the 'rents house to celebrate my 25 years on this Earth.
Momma and Papa bear took me on a DELISH dinner date to Superior Steak House in Shreveport.
(Fun Fact: Superior was featured in the Ashton Kutcher movie "The Guardian" which leaves me to believe that I may or may not have sat in the same chair as Ashton.)
Like, words can't describe.

I never order steak when I go to a restaurant, so this was an extra special treat!
Sorry I'm not sorry I practically licked the plate clean.
Then they brought out a cute birthday treat! 

It was SUCH a good meal and time to spend with the fam!

Now I'm back in Houston dreading counting the hours until my actual birthday is here.

Tonight I'll be posted up in front of the TV watching my Razorbacks make history and head to the College World Series!!
I think that would be the perfect birthday present :)

Lets go Hogs!! 



Holly said...

Glad you had a good birthday! But sorry, I'm rooting for the Kent State Golden Flashes ;) Gotta represent hometown boys!!

Lauren said...

Happy Almost birthday! That steak looks YUMMY!

The Pink Growl said...

Glad you had a good birthday! is that Superior place similar to a Ruth's Chris? Looks like it from the plate and decor.