Thursday, May 19, 2011

and its on to the next one...

As of late, a lot of things have happened leading to big changes in my life! 
Let me fill ya in, K? K.
{1} I'm not sure if I mentioned it a bazillion times but I Graduated with my Masters Degree!! Hollarrrr!!
{2} I moved away from Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas 
*sad face with tears*
*bye bye apartment livin*
I'm now living in good 'ol Benton, LA where I'll be working on some special life dream projects.  I don't want to divulge too much, but just know that I'm starting to really live my life (ay, ay, ay)
So I had to fit my apartment into here
Which made me have heart palpitations and one terrible nights sleep, but thankfully now it looks like this
 *Home Sweet Bedroom*
{3} I caught my first fish of the summer! I caught about seven this night, but the first one was the biggest
*I love to fish, but I'm not trying to touch it or anything:)*
{4} In exactly one month my bess frands and I will be living the dream in a little place called LAS VEGAS and I could NOT be more excited!! We'll be staying here
*Planet Hollywood*
This trip just so happens to fall on the week of my birthday.  
Best week ever? I think so people.
I am sooo excited for this trip! I can not wait to see what shenanigans we get ourselves into :) 
*sorry in advance, momma*
And this leads me to numero cinco...
{5} I started to stop being lazy really working on my fitness today! I went and got a gym membership and I have my first training assessment Tuesday morning! I am aslo re-starting Jilians "30 Day Shred" because with the stress and busyness that was the last two months of my life, Jilian had to take a back seat while Sonic became my best friend.
All workout tips and suggestions are encouraged! Oh, and I'm always looking for good work out music too...send some tunes my way!
{6} I FINALLY get to see this little handsome everyday!
He is excited to see me home too.  He missed me.  The feelings are mutual. 

Well since I am back to living in the middle of nowhere at home where the internet connection is less than stellar, my updates take about an hour longer than they did before.  Especially when I upload pictures (and who likes a post without pictures?).  So bare with me, but I'm still planning on posting frequently!
Happy Friday, ya'll!!


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Our Family of Four said...

CONGRATS!! Sounds like your gonna have a great summer! We'll be in Vegas in July and I can't wait!! Good times! Love the pics too!