Monday, May 9, 2011

oh happy day

Well... I've been M.I.A.
So you know what that means...
John came into town this weekend! 

I wasn't able to go home for Mother's day {but I'm still Momma's favorite child} and John couldn't make it home because I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis is under water and closed.  
So he came to visit me instead and we celebrated "thank goodness you're not a mother's day"... okay I kid, I kid.

We did have a great weekend tho! We spent the majority of the weekend with friends which was nice and much needed.  
Sunday we finally went to see Fast Five. And while it was quite possibly the cheesiest one-liner movie I have ever seen, I loved it and definitely recommend it to everyone. 
*Be sure you stay after the first part of the credits because there is a VERY special surprise*

John left today to go back to Conway, which is fine because now that I'm finished with school I have another huge awful task to conquer.
What is it you ask?
Oh, just moving 6 years of my college life in a week, no big deal.
I graduate Saturday and hit the road Monday.
It's bitter-sweet...but in all honesty, it's mostly sweet.
I've been wanting a change and to get out of Fayetteville for some time now.
I know I'll be sad this fall when everyone on facebook is talking about moving back up to Fayetteville and I won't be.  
Oh the joys of growing up... 

I've made a bribe deal with myself {sad that I must do this}.
If I can pack up one room a day {I live in a one bedroom apartment} before noon everyday, I can go to the pool during the afternoon.  Pretty good trade-off if you ask me!
Responsible me always has to trick lazy me into doing work.

Things to do this week:
this should probably be number one
3. Graduate!!!
4. Move 

Pretty busy week bloggy friends!

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Megan said...

Congrats on Graduating! Good luck with the packing!