Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Fayetteville...

I can't believe that my time with you has come to an end.  You've given me the greatest 6 years of my life and I owe who I am today to you.  You've made me grow in ways that I never knew possible.  You've taken me from this
To this...
to this...
And thank you SO much for that.
I've gained friends, memories, and an education that I am so fortunate to have. You've taught me more about life outside of the classroom than in, but I think that's the point of college. You gave me amazing sorority sisters that I'll always be in touch with.
I've learned that Grubbs has the best drink deals in possibly the entire country, that Viejo has the grossest Mexican food but the best Margarita specials so apparently it cancels out, and that Taco Bell only tastes good after 2am.  Willy D's is the worlds best piano bar and Wilson Park is the best place to take Cash for a walk.  That it's important to go to class, even if you just play on Facebook the entire time. And its always fun to "Frat Lap" on sunny days.  That Sonic happy hour can make a bad day good, and that there's no place like Dickson Street to either celebrate or drown your sorrows after a Razorback football game. You've brought some amazing people into my life and weeded out the ones that needed to be.  Most of all you've given me my best friend and I thank God everyday that we were brought together to meet on your beautiful campus. I don't know where I'd be without him and I know that it was meant for him to transfer from TCU so we could meet.  Besides two degrees, John is the greatest thing I'm taking away from Fayetteville to keep with me forever.  You can't have him back :)
You've also taught me a lot about life.  That everything doesn't always work out the way you plan it to and that's okay.  College was the best time of my life and I am so thankful that I got to meet everyone I did and I hope to still stay in touch with them.  You've given me some of the best friends I could have ever asked for and I know we wouldn't have met if it weren't for you.  Now I'm closing the 'college' chapter of my life and opening a new one.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I guess that's whats fun about life.  Thank you Fayetteville, for making me a Razorback for life and never letting me forget that Arkansas will always be my home.  This isn't goodbye forever, it's just "I'll see ya later"


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