Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend recap

Hey ya'll! 
Its Monday which isn't so bad since school is OVER so let me tell ya what went down in Sarah's world this weekend.

Friday night I went to bed mentally prepared to wake up early Saturday to go to my gyms version of "P90X".  Unfortunately, yeah right I woke up so sore from my Friday workout that I could barely lift my arms.  I mean at one point in the day I sneezed and thought I was going to die.  Needless to say, big girl didn't make it to the gym Saturday.  Good thing I've got the 30 Day Shred goin on so I could get in a little work out from home!

Saturday *with all of my soreness* the family and I made our way down to Oil City, LA for Gusher Days. 
The cutest little girl I know was in the parade for winning a pageant!
*I would adopt this child*
Keely Mae is the most polite and sweetest girl I have ever met.  Her momma and daddy did a great job with this one :) I asked her if we could get a picture and she said "yes ma'am"... Only in the south ya'll.  I love it and I love her!

So while we were waiting for the parade to start, we took a little stroll down main street where Gusher Days was held.  
Only in Louisiana, ya'll.  And if you can't read the smaller sign we've got Gator, Shrimp, and Sausage on a stick, Curly Fries.... and last but certainly not least, a "Beer Battered Deep Fried Honey Bun".  I gained 10lbs just typing all of that.  
Now, I'll have to say the people of Oil City, while I'm sure are very very nice, are a breed all in themselves.  Now I know the Lord above is the only one who can judge, but ya'll... when teeth start becoming an accessory and jorts and wife beaters are your "sunday's best"...we've got a serious problemo.

 Winner, Winner, Chicken on a stick dinner. 
Stay classy, Oil City.

Saturday night we went home and tried to do some fishing but a MONSOON came on down so we didn't get to catch anything.  Good thing we've had some fish saved up for a yummmmmmy fish fry!
*Yesterday's catch is todays dinner!!* 

Yesterday we did nothing but fish.  I'm becoming a regular 'ol redneck.
It was really hot and because the sun was setting, I got a really cute tan on one side of my body... real cute.
Oscar got too hot and had to go under the picnic table to recover... so pitiful.

Today I got up and went and worked out and then came home and did pretty much nothing all day.  No complaints.  I'm getting my training assessment tomorrow morning which I'm kind of nervous about.  I admittedly do not have the greatest self confidence in the world and if tooth pick trainer tells me I'm crazy out of shape I may fall in the floor and cry.  I'll let ya know how that one goes...
Momma and I are also "gonna venture to the big 'ol city to do a lil shoppin" *did you get that country accent in there? :)* I'm excited about this because I'm going to Memphis this weekend with John and desperately need a new outfit :)

I hope ya'll had a great Monday! 


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Kayla said...

Cute post! Tell toothpick trainer where to stick it!

And MORE POWER TO YOU for the 30 Day Shred. That thing about killed me.