Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i confess...

Holy moly its August.
This year has literally FLOWN by.
New month, new life, and dear LORD please bring new happiness.  
My little heart can't take much more.

I've been meaning to do one of these posts for a long time now...so better late than never!
I'm linking up with the always hilarious Rissy @ Carissa Explains it All for 

{I Confess} last month has undoubtedly been the hardest month of my life...and I've been through some things, y'all.
Thankfully, I am a firm believer of this and really the only thing keeping me going is repeating this over and over in my head.
(ps. thanks for all of your kind words...ya'll are awesome)

{I Confess} I care too much what people think about me...and yet I put myself out there on this blog...weird? Yes.  Therapy? Yes.  My mother doesn't understand it, and I don't really either.

{I Confess} I am WAYYY over this heat.  Its like breathing through a hot towel when you walk outside.  My puppies hate it, I hate it... let's all move to Hawaii.

{I Confess} I bawled teared up watching Nick and Vanessa's Dream wedding.  They are so cute together and it's so refreshing to see people who are truly happy.
Possibly the worlds most attractive couple.

{I Confess} I think Ashley should have picked Ben.  Ben is WAY more fun than JP and younger and cuter if you ask me! Hollar at me Ben! I'll learn to love wine and we can live in Sonoma where I'm sure it's not a bazillion degrees.
Just look at how much fun! Gahhh!

{I Confess} I have NO IDEA what is going on with our country and this debt crisis.  I honestly don't understand anything about politics.  It hurts my brain.

{I Confess} that I love all of my readers...but ya'll should already know that :)

okay...come on. 
What are your confessions today?


Holly said...

I'll move to Hawaii with you!!!

I confess that I didn't watch the Bachelorette this time because I'm not a fan of Ashley H, but I am pumped for Bachelor Pad next week and think Jake and Vienna back together is going to be off the wallllll.

I really hope this month is better for you!! August always seems like a "start over" point for me because it's the start of school, so maybe it will be a start over point for you!

Rissy said...

I told my mom I wanted to date Ben SOLELY for the wine... I don't think she was amused.

You're like the 5th person I've seen admit to crying during that show... and it totally makes me want to see it.

I truly believe in that statement as well. I've seen bad times and gotten through them because God has surrounded me with amazing people... You are on the right track girl!


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