Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wednesday link-ups!

It's been said that Wednesday is my favorite day in the bloggy world.
This, my friends, is a true fact. 
Wednesday has the most fun link ups evaaa!
So come on and play with me over at this kind of love and the vintage apple for WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!!

Bring it on SEC wanna-bees (I'm talking to you A&M) the Hogs are taking it all this year! 

{I'm Loving} inside jokes with best friends.  Pretty sure my friends and I could have an entire conversation without anyone knowing what in the world we were talking about.  True friendship right there. 

{I'm Loving} text messages that make you smile.  I usually think texting is the worst way to communicate because you can't hear the persons tone or voice inflection... but with that being said, I text 99% of the time. SO when you get a text and you can hear in your head exactly how that person is meaning for it to be said, it's pretty awesome.

{I'm Loving} that I'm going back to the homestead of Hot Springs for some Labor Day weekend shenanigans with my bests.  Hot Springs is surrounded by lakes and Labor Day weekend is one of the most fun weekends to be out and enjoying the end of the summer! 

and as always {I'm Loving} my handsomes!

I don't know about ya'll but I loooove me some quotes.  I love the way other people seem to figure out exactly what I want to say, write it in a pretty font, and then make me say "ohh I like that".
So this week I've been on a super quote kick on Pinterest and I looooove it!

there's just something about this that makes me say 'yes!' and do a little fist pump.

Amen, child, Amen!

Let go and Let God!

Stop caring what other people think!

And finally...
Have a happy Wednesday ya'll!


Emily P. said...

the worry comment is SO me! haha

Peyton Hutchins said...

Are you going to The Homestead in Virginia? I LOVE it there, so much fun! Love your quotes as well! New follower from WILW!

Kelly said...

Stoppin' by from WILW! I love smiley text too! Also, your puppies are adorable!

Holly said...


Texts that make you smile are the best. For real.

Love your doggies!!!!

I pin a lot of quotes on Pinterest, too, so maybe next week I'll do that and link up again!

Rebecca said...

love this! just did the same thing on my blog =]

Mrs Amber Apple said...

I love your Pinteresting quotes!

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