Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wednesday funs

Today I'm linking up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love and Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for
What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh How Pinteresting.

Won't you join me? 
Okay, cool...lets get started.
{I'm Loving} (and ya'll, this is not a joke) that my household FINALLY got high speed Internet.  I'm talking like less than a week ago.  I can now watch youtube videos without having to wait 30minutes for them to load.  Please welcome me to 2001.  Thank you.

{I'm Loving} that I got my hair did yesterday and my nails all polished up today! Girlfriends gotta be lookin good for STL this weekend!

which leads me to...

{I'm Loving} that I'm going to see my long lost best friend in St. Louis this weekend! 
(if this doesn't scream best friends for-eva, I don't know what does)
Many funs are to be had, for sure.  We're going shopping (H&M anyone) and to a Cards game! I can't wait!!

And as always {I'm Loving} my handsomes!

Pinteresting has been a therapeutic outlet of sorts for me lately.  
So I just want to take a moment of silence to thank pinterest for keeping my mind busy and my want list growing....

Now on to some of my favorite pins this week:
Um...hi portion control, where have you been all my life?

get on my finger

I need a job where I can wear this everyday.

wooo pig!

Thanks for accepting my weirdness...

I've been taking several trips here lately.  

Happy Wednesday ya'll!!


Katie said...

LOL- I need to get my hands on that portion control doo-hickey! New to the blog, just popped over from the Oh How Pinteresting link up. Your blog is so cute!

Anonymous said...

your boys are too cute!! love them!

Anonymous said...

the hokey pokey clinic! ha! too cute! great pins!

Melanie Mueller said...

Hi! Stopping by from WILW! Such cute dogs!!! Have a great weekend with your bestie!!!!

Courtney said...

I love the portion control thing! I really need one of those!

Cait said...

great pics! you should check out my Bobbie Brown make up compact I'm giving away on my blog :) xo

Nicole said...

love that black lab.
i don't want mine to ever grow up :(

Holly said...

I looove your pins!! That dress is great, and I love that "weird" saying :)

Have an awesome time in St. Louis!!!

Mrs. Kee said...

I love that Weird quote!! I need to print it out, frame it, and put it on my husband's bedside table because he always claims I'm the weird one. This proves it- I'm not!!! :)

HickChickBritt said...

Haha I love the hokey pokey clinic! I still haven't figured out how to find anything good on pinterest. I have gone on there a couple of times, but I never see anything that catches my eye. Maybe I'm not artistic enough of something!?