Thursday, August 11, 2011

oh Brad, why'd ya have to do it?!

Okay... if you know me or have been reading my blog for a little while or take a quick look over to your right, you will know that I am a true and true Razorback fan.
Go Hogs,
Woo Pig Sooie,
and all of that jazz.

Arkansas is unique in the way that anywhere you go in the state you will find die hard Razorback fans.  The Arkansas Razorbacks are our professional team.
Babies are born with Hogs onesies waiting on them.
Saturday's in the fall mean Razorback football and tailgating just like Sunday's mean morning church.
If you are from Arkansas you Love the Razorbacks....
unless you hate them for stupid reasons, but those people don't matter anyway lord bless their hearts because they just don't know any better.

Which leads me to this...

I loved Brad Paisley.
I understand he's a prankster, and this was to get back at the group Eden's Edge who are opening for him on his tour and are from Arkansas.
They took his West Virginia (yes, West Virginia...I know, who cares about West Virginia, right?) door mat and replaced it with this one.
He then lit the Razorback door mat and a Razorback hat ON FIRE.
When your fans are from the south, you don't just go around setting their favorite teams things on fire!

You might as well have just set the Lord's word on fire while shouting his name in vein.  
How dare you.

Again, I get that this is was meant as a joke, but dang!

Too far Brad, too far.

At least it took the mat a little while to burn and it didn't just immediately burst into flames.

Okay I'm done... I'm taking deep breaths and getting over it.
Some of you are probably like, 'what? girlfriend is cray cray'
And all I have to say to that is... didn't ya'll know before now that I am in fact a little crazy?

I'm off to St. Louis bright and early in the morning!! 
I'll be back Monday!
Later ya'll and...

Guess Brad reads my blog ;)

okay fine... I guess I'll love you again.


Holly said...

Hahaha oh goodness, I'm in love with Brad Paisley, but I'm not an Arkansas fan so I can't say I have an opinion on that ;) However I know he's a pretty big Cleveland Indians and Browns fan so if someone took those things from him and he retaliated by burning a Yankees or Red Sox thing?! Oh I'd have noooo problem at all ;)

Jennie said...

HAHA! love your blog girl! :)

Lauren said...

love it! I totally understand. Huge OLE MISS fan here and if he had done that to something of ours, we would be fuming!

Rebecca said...

haha silly brad!

Courtney(Southern Somedays) said...

Haha, I completely understand your anger!You are not the first person who has got mad about it!