Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what a weekend

Best. Weekend. Ever.

You know it's a good weekend when you walk away with so many inside jokes that you could carry on an entire conversation that no one else would understand.
This weekend included:
-night time boating until 5am
-Hot Springs casino... not what it's cracked up to be
-High School reunion...where no one recognized me (I take this as a compliment)
-Dancing until 3am
-Watching 'The Help'... Amazing movie

And, of course, in typical style I took NO pictures
shame, shame, shame

I was having too much fun to worry about capturing the moment I guess...but that's always my excuse!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend too!


Holly said...

YAY for great weekends!!! Sometimes the best pictures are those you keep in your mind :)

Amber said...

Love weekends like those! The Help was SO good!

Lauren said...

I can't wait to see the Help! :)
Glad you had such a fun weekend!