Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend recap!

The past couple of weekends I have been out of town playing with long lost friends so it was nice to just stay at home this weekend and relax a little while still having fun! 

The morning weather has actually been bearable this weekend so I took the opportunity Saturday morning to give gigantor little puppy Cash a bath.
Thankfully, as I struggled to give my 100lb+ sweetheart a little cleansing soak, my wonderful mother was there to laugh and take pictures... so here ya go.

Cash started out being VERY good and getting in the tub like his Momma asked him to

And that lasted all of two seconds....

So Cashs poor helpless Mother had to try and pick up baby Cash who weighs over 100lbs and put him into the tub.
(don't mind Ginny trying to drink the bath water)

Oh so so happy to be giving wild puppy a bath!

Then finally it was time for the hose down... you can clearly see the joy and excitement on his face.

Finally a handsome clean puppy!!

So while that took up the majority of my Saturday morning, I spent the rest of the day straight chillin and getting ready for the Gala that night.
Of course this is the only picture I took, but I'm pretty okay with it.  
I plan on recycling this dress for a wedding in October so the less pictures of it now the better.

It was a fun night of drinks, dance, and laughs.
Girlfriend may or may not have even got up on stage with the band and danced.
Straight class.
However... I did acquire this lovely piece of jewelry courtesy of said Gala.
Why hello Mr. Yurman... so nice to finally meet you!

All in all it was a great weekend! 
I wanted to give a quick ***THANKS*** to all of my sweet followers!!
You have no idea how much it makes me smile to read all of your sweet comments! I'm thankful for all of you and I'm so glad that I started this blog!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend and are having a great Monday!!


Nicole said...

Mr. Handsome is so handsome!

Katie said...

I have a hard enough time giving my dogs baths, and they are all under 40 lbs - I can't imagine how you do it with 100lb dog!

Cami said...

Loved your photos!! Giving a dog a bath is so very hard...but so worth it at the end - obviously ;)

Happy Monday dear!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Holly said...

Hahaha dogs are awesome. My dog doesn't like baths and then he runs around the house as fast as he can to dry off like he's in an air dryer or something lol :)

And YOU'RE the sweetest!! I'm so glad we found each other on here :)