Friday, July 13, 2012

fridays letters


Dear Dallas, I'll be seeing you tonight! I can't wait to get out of Houston and this rain for a little while!
Dear Houston, I didn't realize you were the Seattle of the south. Get it together.
Dear Channing, you announced that there will be a Magic Mike 2 proving that there is a God and he does answer prayers. 
Dear Tone It Up, Today marks one week on your plan and I'm down 7lbs and 14 inches all over this body of mine. I want to marry you because I love you so much.
Dear Rachel, Thank you SOO SOO much for watching Cash this weekend while we're out of town.  I'm sure he'll love it, but you have to give him back when we get home :)
Dear John, This monkey loves you... but not the rabid ones that escaped in Vegas.
Dear Vegas, I will see you in a week! Get those monkeys under control and the money bags ready.
Dear Sarah (me), I'm so proud of you for sticking with the clean eating for 7 days! Don't let it all fly out the window while you're out of town this weekend. Capiche?  
Dear Readers, Thank you SOOOOO much for all of the sweet comments on yesterday's post!! Hopefully now I'll have some more interesting things to talk about rather than my daily walks with Cash... which still get to happen since I get to work from home half the week!
Ya'll are awesome!



Tiffany said...

Ok 1 ANOTHER MAGIC MIKE?!?!?! Please tell me this is true!
And excuse me, but 7 pounds in a week. It's time I get on this shiz.

Forever 23 said...

Take me with you to Dallas! I am so tired of this rain too. There is like a 60% chance of rain today and 20% on the weekend.

I hate it.

Nicole said...

Congrats on the job!! What a blessing. I've seen a lot about the Tone It Up plan, I may have to jump on the wagon when I get some $$.

Stephany Hyder said...

Love it. I want to see Magic Mike so bad, I need to get my butt in gear and get to the movies. I ask my Husband last Friday (on our date) if he wanted to go with me to see, and I did not even realize what I was asking him. He was like H*ll NO! Lord, being married does that to ya I guess. & it's been raining here all week and it just needs to move on along. Happy Friday, friend!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog title, I especially love sweet tea!
There is going to be a Magic Mike 2, halleluiah! I haven't seen the first one yet, but I've seen enough previews that I know I am going to love it ;)
I hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas!
Love your blog & definitely a new follower, you had me at sweet tea ;)
Stopping by from Friday's Letters ♥

Emily said...

Yes the Houston weather has been ridiculous and so has the traffic - and I saw about Magic Mike 2 - cannot wait!

pretty little things said...

just discovered your blog and I love it! would love to follow each other! xo

Plain Jade said...

You're going to have SO much fun in Vegas! Who are you going with? I went back in March with two of my best friends. SO. MUCH. FUN!