Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm here...but I'm not

My mother would be so proud.
I woke up this morning and completely unpacked my suitcase from Vegas...which then led me to completely rearranging my closet...which led me to do an enormous amount of laundry....which led me to become certifiably insane. 

Okay, maybe not the last part, but if you know me I like to just casually live out of whatever suitcase I was using until all of the clothes magically disappear and I never have to actually "unpack".

Does this mean I'm getting older?

With that being said, there's still some lazy in this lady... like I keep staring at my camera and then thinking about how much I just don't want to upload the pictures from this weekend, edit them, and then create a coherent blog post about the craziest trip of my life.

Maybe tomorrow?
Maybe Thursday?
For sure one day soon, but unfortunately I'm not going to make some false promises and pick a certain date.
But know that when this blog post comes to past there will be stories of (in no particular order) crying strippers, naked morning run guy, bathroom drug dealers, and lots and lots of drinks.

It'll also be edited to a pretty PG-13 rating because 1- I just got a new job, and while my bosses are beyond cool, there are certain things they just don't need to know and 2- My mother reads this blog and  bless her sweet pure heart, she already judges me enough as it is.

Love you momma, but sorry you raised a little wild child :)

SO...this turned out to be way to long of a post talking about how I'm not posting... 
welcome to the department of redundancy department.

Talk to you soon kiddos, I'm off to do a infinite amount of laundry.



bailey j said...

I totally have a suitcase on my floor from my mini vacay this weekend and I keep picking at it aha. I am SO that girl too!

sounds like a fun weekend and i can't wait to read about it. gotta admit, I wish I could read the R rated version aha

The Pink Growl said...

I always keep my suitcase opened until I've used everything in it...or if there are still random clothes in there a month down the road then I'll put those back.

Jade Sierra said...

Oh Lordy, I can't wait to hear all about Vegas! If it was anything like my trip back in March, I know you'll have some pretty exciting stories! If anyone goes to Vegas & returns with lame stories, then they didn't do it right! ;)