Thursday, July 19, 2012

today is the day!

I have an extra pep in my step today because come 4pm Mr. Man and I will be on our way to the airport and then off to Vegasssss!!!!

While in Vegas I plan on doing 3 things:
1. Party (obvs)
2. EAT... I've been on a suicidal strict diet for the past two weeks in preparation for this trip. Girlfriend is gonna eat, ya'll.
and 3. Soak up some sun!

It has literally (and I mean literally) rained in Houston everyday for the past 2 weeks. 
Vegas says "what's rain?" and will bring us some sunny sunny time!

I went shopping yesterday for some cute clothes to wear out to da club and came home with too many  several cute things...or so I thought.
Know how pretty much every article of clothing right now is sheer?
Know how it's cute if worn with the correct undergarments?
Know how JOHN decides to tell me after I everything I bought was SHEER that he in fact does NOT like the sheer look?
Yeah, me either.

Dear John, You wear your polo on vineyard vines on brooks brothers and I'll stick to wearing forever 21 and being the fashionista in the relationship. 
Why are all your clothes designer? 
Muah. Love ya mean it.

I hope ya'll have a great rest of the week.  We'll be back on Monday so expect a fun recap on Tuesday!
And I know I'm the worst when it comes to taking pictures, but the camera is charged and ready to go! 
Get excited people.



Courtney @ The Wags Daily said...

vegas sounds awesome right about now! i havent been since my 21st. Have fun!

Plain Jade said...

Have fun on your trip, girl! :) I'm so jealous!!

I nominated you for an award. Check it out here: