Monday, July 30, 2012

This should tide you over

When John and I went to Vegas, my parents took over grandparent duties and watched Cash. Today, I'm finally back home to pick up big puppy and bring him back to Houston. So, while I'm on the road driving back and forth I thought I'd share a little game with y'all that should tide you over until I get back to my computer (I'm on my phone) and write a proper post!

I'm sure if you have the ability to see and/or hear, you know the Olympics are in full swing. (gymnastics last night? Poor jordyn) So while we're all cheering our beloved USA on to victory in events such as fencing, ping pong, and badminton (these are real Olympic sports) here's a little game to keep things exciting. Enjoy!

Ps. I have no idea how this will publish from my phone so if this ends up looking like a hot mess please forgive!


Kenzie Smith said...

Definitely a fun way to spice up the Olympics :D

Robin said...

My friends and I played that this weekend! Definitely made it even better!

bailey j said...

okay. i so want to do this! ahah. love itttt!

Holly said...

Hahahaha....I love this :)