Wednesday, July 11, 2012

so much love to go around

Happy Wednesday ya'll! 
Its a gross rainy day in Houston, but there's always something I'm loving!
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I'm Loving that we're heading to Dallas this weekend for a Wedding.  One of Johns fraternity brothers is getting hitched and I can't wait to see the shenanigans that this group of guys pull at this wedding. Fact.

I'm Loving that I've been eating 'clean' for almost a week now and I'm feeling AMAZING! 

I'm Loving that I received some of the greatest news yesterday! Come back tomorrow for a post on that :)
(no I'm not engaged. no I'm not prego)

I'm Loving that our friend is watching baby Cash this weekend while we're out of town.  I just can't stand the thought of boarding him.  If this is any indication of how I'll be as a parent to a human child, then I have a long road ahead of me.

I'm Loving my boys

 I'm Loving my Pinterest finds

I laughed so hard when I saw this... best announcement ever.

This is the greatest idea! Have a window in the kitchen that's a bar on the patio!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I died when this song came on in Magic Mike. 

I'm never guilty of this.... right, John?

I need this dress for Vegasssss!!!!

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I hope you all have a great Wednesday! We're halfway to the weekend! 


Stephanie said...

I'm obsessed with that dress. I feel like I saw it on Pinterest and it was a little too expensive for my wallet!

And, I'm stealing that e-card. I also say I don't care and then shoot down every option that comes my way :)

Plain Jade said...

New follower on GFC & Pinterest! :) Loving your pins!!

Check out my page @

Plain Jade said...

P.S. Just read your about me & saw that you were raised in Arkansas! Shut the front door! What part? I'm an Arkie, too! I tend to get a wee bit excited about finding other Arkansas bloggers because it seems as if there aren't many! :)

The Pink Growl said...

That baby annoucement is hilarious!!! too funny!

Joyness Sparkles said...

The pregnancy announcement is priceless! I love it!

***Stopping by from the hop, have a great day!

Amy Powell said...

Oh, I love the window/bar idea! such a great one :)

have a lovely week!

Sammantha said...

Holy cow, I love that window bar idea. Hmmm... would people take advantage of it a liiiittle too much? Probably, oh well, I still love it!

Stop by and say hi sometime!

Turtles and Pearls said...

Great list! Hope you have a great Wednesday.

Sarah Carper said...

That dress is awesome!

I've just started my blog - and I'd love some followers! Stop by and say hi!

Sarah Carper said...

That dress is awesome!

I've just started my blog - and I'd love some followers! Stop by and say hi!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I neva, eva judge a person for watching Tatum Channing dance to "Pony," no matter how many times in a row. 'Cause, come on, it's Tatum Channing. Dancing. To "Pony."

SimplyHeather said...

I never went to see Magic Mike so I youtubed the pony magic mike scene and HOLY CRAP! ;) Channing Tatum is so sexy!! <3 haha great pins by the way.