Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i confess...

I'm stressed.
There I said it. 
My hair is falling out {literally}
I'm not sleeping at night {last night I woke up in 15 minute intervals... SO frustrating}

I'm a stress eater so I gain weight then stress out about gaining weight {vicious cycle}
I need the next two weeks {9 days to be exact} to fly by so I can get my life and SANITY back.
I'm going to watch GLEE tonight {highlight of my week} with some friends. 
Apparently, there are tornados headed our way{typical} and I kind of wish they'd blow the school away so it would be cancelled and I'd have some time to actually do the 1203984 things I need to do before next Thursday. {TRUTH}
I'm going home on Friday for Easter {second highlight of my week} I can't wait.
Once again, I'm living for the weekend. Which is not good because it's only Tuesday... 
No link ups today... just some confessions about how I feel! 


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