Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Link Up!

Oh I'm so happy I came across this!
I'm linking up with Live What You Love to show off my lovely puppies! Because I'm obsessed. 

My favorite picture of Oscar on my computer (momma has many many more that are cute) is...
What a stud. 
He is such a calendar model.  This was taken out at the Texas ranch... such pretty wild flowers for the handsome man to run around in!

My favorite picture of Cash is...
This is one of my most favorite pictures of him... pretty sure he was jumping for a stick or something.
He was such a fun puppy... now he's a fun horse.  

This was pretty hard because I have too many a lot of pictures of my puppy children.  Dogs definitely make the world go round if ya ask me!

I'm also linking up with theundomesticmomma to bring you
Today's theme is "Top 2 songs on your iPod".  I rarely listen to my iTunes or iPod (I'm addicted to pandora, slacker radio and XM radio) so these songs are super random.  
On my iTunes the number 1 most played song is "Dear John" by Taylor Swift 

I love this song and really can't think that it could be about John Mayer because the number 2 most played song on my iTunes is "Good Love is on the Way" by John Mayer
How ironic... 
I do love these songs, but hello, I need to download some new ones... haha! 



star said...

Such cute pups! I adore the picture of Oscar with all the flowers!

CMae said...

bahahah Cash' picture made me Laugh out loud. Thank you so much for taking the time to link up! -CMae

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, what cute furbabies!!

Savanah said...

Oscar and Cash are so cute!!

Jessica Renee said...

Hi! I'm a new follower, found you through the Top 2 link up!

Your doggies are adoooorable! I have 2 dachshunds and one was actually named Oscar when we adopted him ;)