Monday, April 4, 2011

not the craftiest crayon in the box

It's Monday... again.
And while you could usually cue the sob song music and the 'woe is me' post... today I'm gonna switch it up! because honestly, if i spent one more minute thinking about how stressed i am, i'll have ANOTHER, yes another panic attack...
Today we're gonna get crafty!
I wouldn't consider myself very crafty talented, but I dabble with a paint pen every now and again.
The real craftster has to be my wonderful mother.  I can ask her to paint me something for my apartment and she just whips up something in no time!
Take this for example...
Hanging above my bed.  Love it.
or this...
Hanging above the tv in my living room so I can stare at it when I zone out from the terrible reality shows I'm watching.
I know, right?! I guess artistic skips a generation.

And while I'm bragging on my mother, lets not forget she's a wiz with the sewing machine.  She took some not even half of my sorority t-shirts from college and made the cutest blanket with it!!
It's my FAVORITE thing ever! I'm actually curled up in it right now!

Maybe I'm a little too hard on myself... I attempt can kind-of draw.  But I get too obsessive over every little detail then end up scrapping half of the things I start. 
In undergrad where I wish I still was, a big thing to do for a fraternity formal was to paint a cooler for your date.  I did this for John, but I can't find any pics of it :( so sad... 
However, for valentines day I painted a cooler for John and filled it up with all kinds of his favorite beers! He lives in a dry county now (if you don't know what that is, just know that it's stupid) so this was the perfect gift for him.  (And I baked him cupcakes.. don't worry)
Here's some pics of it...
{The front... SEC or die basically}
{Southern Proper and Cash puppy all rolled into one}
{A popular brand for Fayetteville folk...gotta keep it 'Fayettechill'}
{This side makes me mad... it was about 2am when I finished this...}
{And finally the top!}

When I have nothing to do after graduation ha, yeah right I'm gonna try to get more crafty.  For now I'll just obsess over Riff Raff here in Fayetteville.  If you aren't from Fayetteville, check it out... it's TOO CUTE!!
Hope ya'll have a great week!


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