Sunday, April 3, 2011

it never gets easier

Well the weekend came and went faster than I don't even know what.
I left right after school Friday and headed down to Conway to visit my sweetie.  Come to find out, he had to go into work for the night shift :(
I thought he was pullin an April Fools on me, but sadly it was true. 
It wasn't too bad.  
I had billions of papers to grade so it gave me a chance to get that done, and I was passed out on the couch by 9:30.  Johns roommate had to wake me up and tell me to go to bed because I was sitting up straight still holding the papers and pen in my hands... embarrassing. 
I woke up when John got home around 5am and then fell back asleep until noon. We went to lunch at JJ's (which is quickly becoming my new favorite place) and then went home to play with the puppy and lay in the hammock.  
It was fantastic.
Saturday night we went to The Looney Bin a comedy club in Little Rock.  
We had never been to a comedy club, and were easily the youngest people in there by 10 years.  It was really fun! I've been feeling lately that I've been so consumed with school that I haven't had a chance to just have fun in a long time.  I couldn't think of the last time I just laughed.
That's a problem, ya'll.
It was good to just let loose and laugh for a while! 
After that we went back to Conway and headed to Gusano's to watch Kentucky loose the basketball game.  I wish I could say I cared about basketball... Football and baseball are where it's at, ya'll. 
Today we wen't to grab some lunch and let Cash come along.
Cash loves riding in the truck bed... it's so cute.
Later on we went to Tropical Smoothie then drove around looking at the fancy houses and neighborhoods in Conway.  I love thinking about where John and I will be in the next few years.  This is just such a weird time in life.  I can honestly say after May 14 (graduation) I have no idea what I'll be doing or where I'll be doing it at.  
We finally went back to Johns house and just hung out and watched some tv. I think I miss that the most.  Being able to sit on the same couch and watch the same thing, make comments to each other, and just be together.  
When it came time for me to leave and head back to depressionville Fayetteville, I  started bawling my eyes out and could not stop.  I know this is silly and I'm lucky to be able to see John as often as I do, but I just want to scream.  The weekends are too short.  Just when I get used to being with him again, it's over! He is so good with making me calm down and realize that things aren't always as bad as I make them out to be.  He doesn't let me throw a pity party too often which is good because that used to be my favorite kind of party.  
After I completely covered his shirt in runny mascara and tears, I drove away and headed home. 
I was definitely 'that girl' today and cried the whole way back here.
Poor poor pitiful me.
I'm not sure when I'll see Johnny Angel again because I'm about to be super busy with my research and portfolio so you'll probably hear more whining about how I miss him.
Sorry in advance.
Just think, in a little over a month I won't have anything to complain about!
Oh what will I do then?!

Here's to a good week ahead! I hope ya'll had a good weekend!!



Amber said...

I'm sorry girl...I know how you feel about the long distance relationship. It can really be a test to your relationship but it makes you appreciate all the time spent together a whole lot more! You just have to stay positive. May 14 will be here before you know it!

Sarah Beth said...

thanks girl, I know it really makes me appreciate the time we get together! If we can make it through this we'll make it through anything!

Inna xoxo said...

Blehhhh. i know exactly how that feels! Except my boyfriend is a state away, and i only seem him once every few months :/ depending on how wer doing financially that month. UGH. big fat hug hun! I know how hard it is. last time the boy was here, i cried the whole time i drove him to the airport, by the time we were there, i was a mess. Thank God hes such a sweetie. Anyways, crossing my fingers i can see him in May! I last saw him in January :(
xoxo Inna :)
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