Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Link Ups!

John is still in town!! 
We've spent 4 of the last 5 days together and he doesn't have to go back to Conway until Wednesday night... Hallelujah!!
So for now, I'm gonna keep today's post short and sweet! I wanted to link up with  CMae to bring ya 

Today's topic is: Your Dogs Favorite Toy
What a sight... Cutest thing ever? I think so.
Oscar loves his BoBo!

Cashy puppy loooves his Quackers.  This is him with baby Quackers.
He has now upgraded to Adult Quackers and still loves it just the same.

I also wanted to link up with The Undomestic Momma to bring ya
Today's Topic is: Top 2 Drinks
Well this is easy...
Dear LORD I can't wait to drink a GALLON of this stuff Easter Sunday.  It has been too long, friends, way too long. 

2. Blue Moon Beer (Sorry Momma)
I could and do drink my weight in this stuff... it's too good.

This "top two tuesday" has been enlightening... perhaps this is why I weigh 39401 pounds.
Things to think about.

Well I'm going to go enjoy a couple of Blue Moons with my gentleman lover.  
Happy Tuesday, yall!!



Jessica Renee said...

Wow I am squealing over the doggy pics, LOVE THEM! And girl, we could hang - I'm obsessed with Blue Moon! We went to the Coor's Brewery last year during our trip to CO and I was in heaven when I found out they made Blue Moon *and* that I could have free samples. LOL!

CMae said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fur baby with me and others! -C Mae

Gabriella said...

My pups Homie cuddles his toys too when he sleeps!

Renae said...

I LOVE SWEET TEA... there is nothing like it, and if it wasn't for apple juice, Blue Moon would be my second pick... Great Drinks

Michelle said...

Oscar and Cashy are soooo cute! Absolutely adorable! My dog has the sameeeee two toys! I have to find pictures of her with them and post them! Your blog is cute! Love the design!