Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Hey friends! 
It's Monday and time to get back into the swing of things.
So before I have to dive head first back into school and depression being busy, I will enlighten you with my fabulous, fun weekend! 
Get excited!

On Thursday I was snuggled up on my couch watching tv and pretty much ready to go to sleep 
*at 7pm... embarrassing*
when John texted me and said "I'm leaving in 5."  
Excuse me?!
Best. Surprise. EVER.
He got to Fayetteville around 9pm and we went to dinner.  After dinner, we walked down Dickson (the street in Fayetteville with all the bars) when we heard some live acoustic music at one of the bars and stopped in.  It was so fun! 
Then we went back to my apartment because sadly, I still had to work on Friday.

Friday I went to school.  They were short some subs so I sat in on a Biology class.  It was probably the easiest $$$ I have ever made.  Substitute teaching is where it's at. 

Friday afternoon we went to the Arkansas vs. LSU baseball game and socialized with friends.  I love baseball games for two reasons:
1. EVERYONE goes and EVERYONE hangs out
2. You can bring a cooler in with whateva you want and REALLY enjoy the game. 

Saturday we went to the Drive Thru Zoo with some friends in good 'ol Gentry, AR.  Gentry has about 2,100 people in it... when the 'Drive thru zoo' is your clame to fame.......

It was tooooo much fun:
{Attack of the CAMELS!!} 
{Holding hands with baby Lemurs}
{Worlds FATTEST piggies}
{Yackity Yack}
"It's the circle of life" was definitely blasted from the car during this.  

Drive thru Zoo was a highlight.  Ya'll, your life will be forever changed.  
Saturday night, after the uplifting day at the zoo, we went over to a friends house and grilled some yummy food.  
I was so happy and outgoing when it hit me that John had to leave that night because he worked on Sunday.  
We left our friends to go get his things so he could pack up and abandon me head back to Conway.  Well, it's safe to say that I completely broke down.  I started crying and being an idiot.  John, being completely opposite from me the sane and sensible human being that he is came up with the plan that I ride back to Conway with him Saturday night, work on homework while he was at work on Sunday then ride back up to Fayetteville Sunday night.  
Now, if you're reading this, you are probably thinking 'that's a lot of driving and little hang time'.
Well you know what? 
Your logical thinking doesn't matter.  
Duh I took him up on this offer and headed on down to Conway.

So now it's Monday and I'm back at school being a horrible student a great multi-tasker.
Whew, this weekend was a whirl-wind.  
Now its time to buckle down and get things done!
Hope you had a great weekend!


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