Thursday, April 14, 2011

workin for the weekend

So close, yet so SO far away.
I can NOT wait until 5pm tomorrow night.
{this is becoming all too familiar}
Will there ever be a time when I am not living for the weekend and I actually enjoy Monday-Thursday? I mean, the weekdays unfortunately out number the weekend days... this is not good, folks.  I pray for the day when I am just jump out of bed excited about going to work.  Perhaps this is unrealistic...hmm. 

Tomorrow John is returning and we have a great weekend full of Razorback sports and fun times planned! I PINCH ME AM I DREAMING FINISHED MY RESEARCH PAPERRRRR!! 
{Yes. I'm THIS excited}

Is this real life?!
John, who is my knight in shining data analysis armor, helped me SO much with creating charts and graphs for the results chapter yes I said chapter of my paper.  I would literally be sitting in a puddle of tears if I didn't have Johns help.  What a hunky Excel genius.  I spent 7 hours straight finishing up the last two chapters of my paper.  I'm a paper writing monster.  All I have left to do is create a PowerPoint to present all of my data and findings during my exit comps which are in 2 weeks (April 28).  I am known for being a procrastinator (I use this as a great opportunity to turn a negative into a positive because although I admit to procrastination, I work very efficiently under pressure... thank you very much) so the fact that I am finished with this 2 WEEKS before necessary is cause for celebration.  
{I'm almost appalled with myself that this made me laugh out loud... who am I?}

And that, my bloggy friends, is JUST what we're going to do this weekend..CELEBRATE!!
{What is greater than a Razorback in a sweater?... the answer is nothing}

Razorback baseball is hosting Miss State this weekend and it's going to be a blast!  I hope the weather holds out because rainy weather and Sarah Beth's hair are NOT, I repeat NOT friends. 
{Yes.  That glowing ball of light is my hair when induced by humidity and/or rain}

 Also on Saturday Razorback football is having their spring Red and White game.  Don't worry, you can all catch it on ESPN... be on the look out for me! Of course there will be drinks and laughs with all of our friends.  I just love when John comes into town because he makes a point that all of our friends hang out.  Since John became a real adult gross he doesn't get to come to Fayetteville very often so all of our friends try to get together when he does.  I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend!! 

I'm not sure if I'll have time to sneak away and blog this weekend so if that's the case I'll have to recap you with all of the fun that was had on  sigh MONDAY or as I like to call it 'the day of the dead'.  
I hope you all have a fun fun fun weekend!! 


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Jessica Renee said...

I don't think the working for the weekend stuff will ever go away but at least we always have something fun to look forward to! Have a blast this weekend! :)