Thursday, March 3, 2011

all i do is win.

I hope ya'll have all had a fantastic Thursday! The weather is B-E-A-UTIFUL in Fayetteville today and it's Thirsty Thursday! Being a teacher, I haven't been able to be truly thirsty on Thursdays in way to long.  Am I growing up? Gross.  
So today was pretty good.  I taught a lesson on listening and the kids seemed to enjoy it. However, I received some especially good news in my second hour class today.  Do ya'll remember that one teacher you had who had some sort of nuance they did that drove you bananas? Either they said the same word 1073957 times in 10 minutes or they constantly played with their hair, bracelet, necklace, etc... They did this said nuance so much that you and your friends made a game out of tallying how many times it occurred during a single class? I did this too many times in school.  I think we've all had that teacher. If you haven't well then praise the heavens because your sanity was saved. Being a teacher now I constantly catch myself saying things over and over and try to stop so I'm not a victim to the tally game.  I failed.
SO I taught my little lesson on listening to my second period class.  For the last few minutes of class I was letting them talk when they got quiet and one student raised their hand. The conversation went something like this:
Student: Ms. Duncan?
Me: Yes?
Student: You know how we were talking about teachers who repeat too much?
(yes I called all of you teachers out who do this)
Me: I do that too?
Student: No, but today we did play the tally game with you.
Me:(partially nervous about what they were going to say) Okay...what did you discover?
Student: That you made us laugh 16 times today!
Me:I'M THE WORLDS GREATEST TEACHER!! Really? That's funny!

So there you have it, 16-18 year olds think I'm funny. So I guess you could say I'm (as Charlie Sheen would put it) "Winning." 
I hope you are all "winning" at whatever you are doing today!
Here's my song of the day... you can never have too much John Mayer :)
Sarah Beth

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Rissy said...

My obsession with John Mayer is unreal! seen him in concert twice but not recently... i do however have him as my wallpaper on my computer and know he was born 10 years and 1 day before me!

I'm following you now because of this video... and you're adorable lol