Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey ya'll!

So I have jumped on the blog bandwagon decided to find an outlet for my crazy thoughts! Hooray! Like I didn't need one more thing to distract me from school :)
A little about me... I love to laugh (who doesn't?) and have a good time with friends. I am an only child so I like to be alone sometimes which totally weirds John out. I love my puppies Cash and Oscar and I wouldn't be anywhere in this world literally without the superstar that is my mother.  I talk to momma everyday on the reg.  I love and miss her so much!!  She informed me the other day that she hasn't seen me all year (the year 2011) which totally made my heart hurt! I'm going to see her on spring break and I couldn't be happier!

Well I think I'll keep this post short, sweet, and pretty irrelevant. It's wayyyy past my bed time and high schoolers have wayyyyyy too much energy... I'll leave you with some pics!
My first love Oscar. Such a model.

My new baby Cash (Ka$h).  He is John and I's love child. 

The boyfriend <3

Wooooooo PIG SOOIE! 

Sarah Beth

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