Monday, March 21, 2011

People Are Interesting...

I can honestly say that if I never had to step foot inside a hospital again as long as I lived I'd be okay.  Growing up it felt like I spent the majority of my time in a hospital.  Between my Father and my Granny I couldn't tell you how many days were spent bored and waiting at St. Joseph's in Hot Springs.  
Well, today I'm here in this all too familiar waiting room setting again.  Momma is having a stress test done, and while it's nothing serious or something I should worry about, I still get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I come here.
Her stress test should take about 3 hours.  I've played this 'waiting room' game before and know how long 3 hours can drag out when all that's going on is elderly people coughing and CNN inaudible  on the 23" tv in the far corner.  So today, I brought my computer to pass the time.  
I thought I'd get a lot of work done when Gerry (with a G-- he told me so) proceeded to sit next to me and tell me his life story.  
Have you ever been the first person in the movie theatre and then the next person that comes in sits in the chair right next to you? 
 Exactly...people do not do this.  It's awkward and uncomfortable...Gerry obviously didn't get this personal space memo because in a semi-empty waiting room, he sat in the chair directly next to me. 
I'm polite, I understand that I might be the only person Gerry gets to talk to today, so I played along.  He has told me everything I could ever want to know about dog breeding, cars, exhaust tips, his estranged relationship with his family, how his ex-wife liked to buy Louis Vutton purses and put them into debt and how he came to have heart surgery.  He "knows more about things than the average person" and who am I to question his knowledge? 
So, here's to you Gerry with a 'G'... I hope everything turns out well with your 3 by-pass surgeries and the incredible upper thigh scar I could have lived forever without seeing.  

But, with everything Gerry has said to me, he made me realize something.  If someone takes the time to talk to you, take the time to listen.  You don't know what their life is like outside the 15 minuets they engage in conversation with you.  You may be the highlight of their day. 
Gerry-- You've definitely been the highlight of mine.  
Day 1 of Spring Break 2011= success. 
Sarah Beth


Rissy said...

aww I think that is really sweet that you listened to him and took something away from it! kudos hun.


Cait said...

aw I def love this post girl! Great great stuff! i love your blog! So happy I stumbled upon it! Hope you have a great rest of your Monday!