Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Good Lord! 
Last week was the busiest week EVER!
I had all of the classes by myself because my mentor teacher took an early spring break, so to say that I was exhausted every day would be an understatement.
However, *drum roll* its SPRING BREAK!!!!
{Insert God-like music here}
I am spending my week at home doing absolutely nothing with my momma.  Am I happy about it?
I plan on doing all of three things this week:
1. Take at least one nap a day.  Seriously.
2. Snuggle with Oscar.
3. Shop till I drop and in turn need a nap.

Hopefully I can keep up better with my postings now that I have a week to recuperate and regain consciousness.  However, if you didn't already know my parents live in the middle of nowhere on a little slice of God's country in Louisiana.  And while God's country is beautiful and nature is amazing, the Internets have not yet come to appreciate God's country at full speed.  So the pictures and videos are tough to load this week.  I'll try to take some so you can see what I see out of my front window each day.  It's a little unusual to say the least. :)
Gotta love it.
 Love you all! 

Sarah Beth

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