Friday, March 4, 2011

So, today is Thriday

Hey ya'll! If you live in the real world (not educational world...because it is not from this planet) then today is Friday!! Yay! I hope you have had a great week and get to go let out some steam this weekend.
If you live in the insane funky world of teachers at Fayetteville then today is in fact NOT Friday.
It's Thriday. 
To say we have had a cra-zy winter in Fayetteville would be an understatement!  We've missed 11 school days at the high school and the university even closed down one time before it even started snowing (which never happens).  One glorious snow storm we received 2 fantastic feet of snow! Most snow I've ever seen in my life! 
So back to the world of teachers.  When you have a snow day at school it usually gets tacked onto the end of the school year.  Well, since we've had sooo many snow days they have decided to have school on some Saturdays.  Tomorrow is one of them.  Hey I could complain a lot because John is in town, Memphis friends are here and will probably be getting day drunk at the baseball game tomorrow.  Where will I be? Just teaching on a Saturday.  This is what dreams are made of, people.  
At least we didn't have to go on spring break like some of the other high schools around here.  Miss Sarah Beth would have NOT been okay with that.
Regardless, today is Thriday.  Thursday because I still teach tomorrow and Friday because in all actuality it is Friday.  Don't worry ya'll, I'm still going to go out and play with my friends tonight.  And if I'm a little off my game tomorrow, I'll just blame it on the fact that it's Saturday :)  

Song of the day:
"I Need A Doctor"-Eminem, Dr. Dre, Skylar Grey
 I can not get enough of this song... Love Love Love the girl that sings with them, and Eminem has come a long way from bleach blonde "Chica Chica Slim Shady"... 

Sarah Beth

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