Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I ate Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Jennifer to let you know what I ate today.  If you know me then you know that this big girl looooves food.
However, being at home where I live far far away from anywhere food wise, I've been scrounging the last couple of days.
Seriously, it's bad.
  Good news... Momma and I are venturing to the grocery store tomorrow after I get my hur did {Beyond excited about this}.
I got some good recipes out of the new Williams Sonoma catalog and I am so excited to let momma cook me something fix it!
My mouth is watering as I type.

But this post isn't about what I'm going to eat, it's about what I ate.  And embarrassingly, big girl hasn't been eating good, folks.
The past three days I have lived on cinnamon LIFE cereal
Breakfast and dinner
{this cereal does not make me want to hug ANYONE}
and for lunch...
A delish home-made Cobb salad: made possible by SlapChop, the worlds greatest invention if you ask me... right up there with the shake weight. 

Today Momma and I went shopping! 
*Yes, I'm 23. Yes, my momma takes me shopping.  And no, I will never be ashamed of this fact.*  
We took a break in between me being spoiled rotten stores and grabbed a bite to eat.  I suggested sushi, and while momma is not the most adventurous in the food department, she had recently tried sushi on a vacation in Hawaii so she thought she'd give it another go.
I ordered the "Dancing Spicy Tuna Roll" which was YUMMMYYY! 
Gotta get that tempura in there!

Momma, being boring ordered a simple avocado roll. 

Our rolls came out and everything looked great.  I was pouring some of the soy sauce into a little dish when momma started coughing and turning red.  
Come to find out...
Thinking some of the avocado had fallen out of her roll, my poor poor naive mother momma had taken almost all of the Wasabi on her plate and eaten it in one bite.  

I could not imagine... I can't even handle the tiniest bite of wasabi... G-R-O-S-S.  
Poor Momma,
Now she never wants sushi again. 

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Amber said...

Oh my goodness,I feel bad for your mom!! Poor thing!