Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i'm getting stupid loose

Random Fact #1:
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a nail biter.
It's gross, I know, but it's a habit.
I think I bite them because I'm nervous, bored, or they aren't painted.  And they aren't painted because Momma always painted them I never have time to go to the nail salon.
I'm happy to announce; however, that because I have FINALLY found that perfect shade of pink for my nails, they have finally had a chance to grow out and I have finally learned how to paint them!
Nubby fingers no more! 
Rejoice with me, ya'll!
For all of you who die for new nail polish colors, my new staple has become 'Fiji' by Essie. 
It's incredible. 
If you were like me and were  embarrassed to be  obsessed with this season of The Bachelor, then you have seen Emily wearing this polish before.  
How classy and perfect is she? 

So tonight I painted my nails with this perfect color! 
I have a serious question to ask:  Why do I always have to go to the bathroom immediately after I paint my nails?! Is there some weird trigger connection between my painted nails and my bladder? Does this happen to other people?
Why am I so weird? ... don't answer that :)

Random Fact #2:
Have ya'll seen this commercial?
*Watch the video to understand the title of this post*
This is the funniest commercial that I have EVER seen... seriously. 
I was so taken aback by how ridiculous it is that, I just died laughing and could not stop.  I love it and it  will never get old to me.
Today in one of my classes, three boys reenacted this and made me laugh even harder.  
These are so much better than those lame-o eharmony or match.com commercials.  Those are boring, and who wants to be video taped on their first date? Um, awkward.

Sorry for being so random today! I've got so much scholarly language-y things that I've been writing so this is a good place to write for fun... the way God intended it.

In honor of Britney's CD coming out today *I will always love Britney* I'm going to dedicate a video to her.  This is one of my favorites and is great motivation for my Shredded workout!
Love you all!!

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Rissy said...

I'm doing this backwards but
1) I love and miss old Brit Brit
2) That commercial is hilarious... and I was a little curious about that title
3) Ever since someone on the Bach (maybe Emily) wore it on the show, I have seen that polish all over bloggy world!