Friday, March 25, 2011

Just workin on my fitness...

Here we go ya'll...

This morning I started the 30 day shred, and let me tell ya... I am feeling it right now.  Not only did I almost fall down the stairs because of my jello legs, my arms hurt when trying to open a jar of pickles.  Yay!! It hurts so good!
So for 30 days I'm gonna eat sensible and do this video in addition to my regular routine.  If I'm not looking and feeling better by graduation, then all hope is lost and I'm going to say 'screw it' and eat everything in sight... well we're just not going to think like that right now!

The only thing that I could critique in this video was the fact that Jillian *who is infamous for being the toughest trainer on TV for the Biggest Loser* did not yell at me once to keep going.  I wanted her to belittle me with her threats words of encouragement.  You're getting soft Jillian.  She did say at one point that 'I have 400lb people doing this, you can too.' That put things into perspective I guess.

I took a 'before' photo and because there is no need to deter readers from this blog or frighten small children, I will not post that before photo.  But let it be known that there is one.  Maybe in 30 days I'll be so confident in how I look that I'll post both the before and the after.  Ha yeah right. 

So for now I'm obsessing blanketing my refrigerator with pictures of these gorgeous girls that I hate aspire to look like.
Dear Marisa Miller, You are unrealistically pretty. Thanks for that. 
Gretchen, you're my fave.  But I don't get the whole Slade thing, does anyone?  

Okay I know this one is a little unobtainable without major plastic surgery in the donk department, but still... inspiration! 

I'll update on my progress periodically the next 30 days. 
Prayers are always accepted.  
Love ya'll!



Rissy said...

I always wonder if I got fake boobies if my waist would like tiny like Kim's...because I have a huge rear.

I end up cursing at Jillian during this video... the exercises alone are belittling enough... I mute it, turn on some jams, then curse as I sweat. hahaha seriously I did level ONE two days ago and woke up sore AGAIN today.

Good luck girl! I'm rooting for ya!


A.Rose said...

Just found your blog and its great! I love doing this work out and have seen results so keep up with it! Jillian is insane.

xo, A.Rose

Michelle Leigh said...

Graduation is my deadline for fitness goals too! It is coming up so quickly! I also definitely have that swimsuit in the Marissa Miller picture (but it looks WAY different on me, haha). Glad I found your blog!